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As people become increasingly concerned about medical techniques and learn more about alternative health procedures, a new field of dentistry has developed known as holistic dentistry. Also known as alternative dentistry or biological dentistry, holistic dentistry promotes a preventative approach to dentistry. It is a gentler alternative to conventional dentistry. It takes into consideration more about the whole persons' care of the mouth, using non-toxic dental restorative materials, microbiological control of gum infections and high quality supplements. Holistic Dentistry treats the teeth, jaw, and related structures with special focus on how that treatment will affect the entire body. It stresses the use of nontoxic restoration materials for dental work, and focuses on the impact that hidden dental infections and other dental problems can have on overall health.

For an overview of holistic dentistry, it is important to understand the principles guiding holistic dentists.
Holistic dentists:

  • Renounce the use of any unnatural and potentially toxic dental devices and treatments, which includes mercury fillings and fluoride treatment.

  • Study the balance and relationship between a patient's mouth and the rest of their body. Health focused dentistry takes into consideration how the treatment of the oral cavity will affect the immune system and overall health of the individual.Problem conditions of the teeth and surrounding area can have geat effect on the heart, sleep, headaches and digestion for example Detoxification and support from other medical practitioners is important to promote a successful treatment outcome

  • Believe that proper nutrition and healthy eating habits, which includes the avoidance of certain foods, is essential to our oral health.


Our team will start by taking a very thorough patient history and then perform a complete dental examination of the patient to determine the best treatment possible. Holistic dentists communicate openly and clearly with their patients so that the patient is playing an integral role in their health and wellness plan. Additionally, holistic dentists often consult with their patients' other practitioners, thereby making more informed decisions about the treatment best suited for the patients' overall well-being to assist patients in achieving optimum health.

We follow the strictest standards for sterilization and infection control. All our staff are licensed and board certified. They take continuing education courses, so as to keep updated on the latest practices in the field. Our practice chooses holistic-healthy products and techniques:
• Mercury-free • Metal-free • BPA-free

Spoken Languages: English, German, Italian,
Russian, Czech

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